You are welcome here! We would love for you to join us for one of our weekly worship services.

We meet each Sunday morning at 10:30am.


You will quickly find that the people of FBC Marianna are just normal people on an amazing journey, serving an amazing God.



Sunday School: 9:15 a.m.

Sunday Worship: 10:30 a.m.

Wednesday Meeting Times: 6:00 p.m.


47 West Main Street

Marianna, AR 72360

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This is Us:


What to Expect


At FBC Marianna, you can expect...


a friendly welcome,


loving people of all ages, 


a time of heartfelt music and biblical teaching,


and real people with real issues serving and worshiping a real God.



What should I wear?

On Sundays, you will find people dressed in a variety of styles. Come as you are! You will be welcomed!


Do I need a Bible?

The Bible is central to all we teach and believe, but you do not have to bring a Bible to attend. If you don't have one, or forget yours no worries! We have extra copies available.


Will I be singled out in any way during my visit to FBC?

While our people will want to make you feel welcome by greeting you, we will not do anything to single you out or make you feel uncomfortable. We understand that it can be difficult to take that step to visit a new church.


What's available for my kids?

Our Children and Student Ministries reach ages all the way up through high school. During Sunday School, there are classes designed just for their age. During Worship, there is a loving and capable staff ready to care for your babies and toddlers. 


What is your music like?

Our music is theologically sound and musically inspiring. We blend a variety of classic hymns set to new and fresh arrangements as well as powerful worship and praise songs. We seek to provide music that will help give everyone a voice in worship.


What about giving or offerings?

We don't want giving money to be an obstacle to visiting our church. We encourage our members and regular attenders to practice biblical giving, but we do not expect our guests to give. 


Anyone can give through our regular offering time during the Sunday morning service or through our online giving portal located on this website.


Who are you affiliated with?

FBC is a Southern Baptist Church. The Southern Baptist Convention is comprised of 16 million members in over 42,000 churches in the US. Churches in the SBC are generally considered independent, evangelistic, mission-minded and gospel-driven bodies of believers.


Anything else?

You may have other questions that you would like answers to. If so, please feel free to contact any of our staff.